Discover adventure in the human sphere and beyond! In the twisted jungles of Paradiso, humanity fights for its survival. The fierce, alien warriors of the. 16 Jan Modiphius Entertainment is really pleased to announce a raft of PDF releases for our eagerly awaited Infinity Roleplaying game. Infinity Corebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. The corebook for the Infinity Infinity Rpg Free Quickstart (). Uploaded by.

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Infinity Rpg Free Quickstart () - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. A test adventure for the new Infinity Rpg which comes with. Before Infinity was released as a skirmish wargame in , it started life as a home-brew RPG between friends. Now Modiphius with the. I picked up the Infinity RPG a couple days ago. the supplementals yet(faction books or TAG book) i ordered the master pdf pledge from their.

Merchants guilds scheme amidst the scourging sands of Bourak. From Yutang, the Emperor gazes forth from an uneasy throne. Titanic war machines stride across the icy plains of Svalarheima. Byzantine hypercops struggle for dominance amidst the chrome towers of Neoterra.

For the last ten years, players have tested their mettle upon the battlefields of the Human Sphere in Corvus Belli's hugely-popular Infinity skirmish game.

Now you can expand your adventures, diving deep into the amazing, never-before-seen depths of the Infinity universe with the ultimate science-fiction roleplaying game. The triple battlefields of Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar. A multifaceted zone system which brings the world to life. Explore the Definitive Guide to the Infinity universe with A complete chronology of the Human Sphere detailing centuries of bloodshed. The culture, history and intrigue of ten powerful factions.

At other times. If the group attempting surprise succeeds at the face-to-face test. A character can also use a Standard Action to perform any minor action. At his discretion. A character may perform several reactions during a round. Here are some rules of thumb that you can use: That NPC does not get to act again that round.

The NPC resolves its actions normally and. Typical surprise scenarios include an ambush Stealth vs. The second reaction costs two Heat.

Once all the player characters have taken their turns. After all player characters and non-player characters have taken their actions in a round. The players can simply agree among themselves which player character will act next.

Each player character loses one saved Momentum if any and a new round begins. Each side nominates a leader who will attempt the skill test. The first reaction a character attempts during a round requires that they pay a single point of Heat into or out of the pool.

If the group attempting surprise fails at the face-to-face test. For some actions. If a character wishes to roll the dice on the skill test in order to generate Momentum.

A character cannot perform more than one movement action per turn. To gain the benefits of cover in a zone. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to defining the size or boundaries of a zone.

To keep things simple and fluid. Generally three to five distinct zones are a good place to start. Rather than tracking everything using precise distances.

A zone will be adjacent with one or more other zones. When shots ring out. Only a few key options are described here. Characters enter Reach to interact with objects manually. Each zone is a small. Moving to a point within Long range is a Standard Action. A character cannot move to Extreme range in a single action.

Because zones are of no fixed size. A character can move within the reach of a target as part of any movement action that ends in the same zone as the target. Increase the difficulty of Observation tests by one step at Medium range. The hallway is one zone. Light cover. Infinity divides the setting of the scene into abstract zones. Moving to a point within Medium range is a Minor Action.

Moving within Close range is a Free Action. A character in cover gains a bonus to their Soak. On a Qingdao street. Imperial Agents approach a building where they suspect PanOceanian agent provocateurs are laying low. You can easily imagine them running from their car one zone. At the start of an action scene. As a Standard Action. The simplest example would be a gap that needs to be jumped across. Hazardous Terrain: A zone of hazardous terrain works like difficult terrain.

Failure on the test means that the character makes no progress after the point where the test was required — so a character attempting to enter a zone stops before they enter the zone. The difficulty of the test depends on the difficulty of the terrain. Moving into.

Defence reaction. If a player character suffers four Breaches. If one or more effects are rolled. This will be noted on the pre-generated character sheets where appropriate. Serious Harms have different names and effects depending on what caused the Harm.

These protections are referred to as Soak. The effects of Serious Harms stack. Where this occurs in the example adventure it will be specified. Coordination or Brawn actions.

It is possible for Soak to reduce the damage of a successful attack to 0. If you threaten the target with a weapon. Some characters may have bonus damage when using a particular attack. If both events occur.

If they take a fifth Wound. This damage is considered incidental unless 5 or more points of damage have been inflicted or the Capability has been reduced to 0 or less.

The amount of damage is determined by the damage rating of the weapon. Perception and Willpower actions. Soak is rolled at the same time as damage and reduces damage 1 for 1. If either of these events occur. If they take a fifth Breach. Damage ratings are a combination of two numbers — a fixed value normally 1 or 2 and a number of [CD]. Serious Harm. Physical conditions require a Resistance test. It has also become a common way to refer to taking any kind of break.

On a success. If the condition has a specific rating such as Burning 3. A character who rests for an hour will fully recover all three incidental damage tracks. Note that characters who take a Readied action can still use Minor and Free Actions during their turn. NPCs are generally incapacitated if they suffer a Serious Harm. A character may declare that they are waiting for a certain situation or event to occur before performing a Standard Action.

The character immediately drops to the ground. If not. The item falls within reach. In order to ready the action. A character cannot drop prone and stand in the same turn. If the test was an attack and it succeeds. Many basic exploits like taking extra time to aim a sniper rifle will not require a skill test. Once the readied action is resolved. When making a movement action. If the triggering situation occurs.

This costs 2 Momentum if the target is holding the weapon in one hand or 3 momentum if the weapon is braced or held in two hands. The skill used by the defender depends on the type of attack see Attack Table.

Infinity Corebook

The retreating combatant cannot use the Defence action in response to this attack. The attack becomes a face-to-face skill test. Defend To provide covering fire. Persuade test. GMs may also establish scene-specific Momentum spends. A character performing a Withdraw cannot be targeted by a Retaliate reaction that turn.

Knockout The target of the attack must make a Resistance test. If multiple characters provide covering fire to support a single ally the effects stack. On a successful test. The guarding character makes a Challenging D2 face-to-face skill test. Any verbal action which would require a Command test. If they fail. Re-Roll Damage 1 The player may re-roll any number of damage dice from the current attack.

The following table provides a number of options available to a character when he generates one or more Momentum in combat. When a character generates Momentum in combat. If they succeed. Withdraw 1 The character leaves the Reach of an enemy. There are a number of detrimental conditions that can afflict a character during action scenes. If no [CD] were rolled. A Staggered character can only perform a Standard Action on his turn if he is willing to pay one Heat. Upon being blinded.

The character suffers one Damage at the beginning of each of their turns. If the character is hit by another Burning attack or effect while already ablaze. Burning X: The target is set alight. All skill tests performed by a Dazed character increase in difficulty by one step. Swift Action 2 The character gains an additional Standard Action. Secondary Target Blind: A Staggered character cannot perform a Reaction unless he spends one Infinity point in addition to its normal Heat cost.

The most common of these are described below. This condition lasts for a number of rounds equal to the number of Effects rolled on the attack that inflicted it. Any Effects rolled increase the number of rounds that the character remains aflame.

This may only be done once per round. Generally speaking. A Torrent weapon is otherwise treated as a Blast Close weapon. A Munition weapon expends a single reload whenever it is fired. Subtle X: The weapon is particularly quiet and draws little attention. Unforgiving X: This weapon is either exceptionally precise or capable of inflicting much greater harm on a direct hit. Armour Piercing X: The weapon ignores X points of Soak for each effect rolled on its damage roll. Staggered characters can only perform a Standard Action if they pay one Heat.

Torrent weapons cannot affect targets beyond Medium range and they ignore all Soak from cover. You may spend two Momentum on an attack roll to immediately hide the weapon after firing it. If one or more Effects is rolled.

Blast Close: Incendiary X: Target is set alight and gains the Burning condition for a number of rounds equal to the number of Effects rolled.

Firing an Alarmed weapon will immediately alert all station security to your position. Damage should be rolled once for all targets hit. All Blast weapons have Spread 1 as standard. Close Quarters: Can be used without penalty in a scuffle. If Brawn is 8 or less.

Disregard any damage rolled and count only Effects. When the weapon is hidden. For each Momentum spent when attacking with the weapon. A character with a Reach weapon can take the Withdraw action as a Free Action if no enemy combatants within Reach have a Reach weapon of their own.

Rocket launchers. The weapon fires a stream of flame. They can only perform Reactions by spending one Infinity point.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

As a complication. Additional characters hit by the blast may make their own Reactions to the attack. If the weapon would have dealt damage i. Spread X: For each Effect generated. Expert X: The weapon has an Expert System for the Ballistics skill. If the wielder has Brawn of 9 or higher. Hidden X: Easy to conceal or designed to be disguised as something else. As a general guideline. Other Complications: GMs can also introduce other complications into a scene.

Some particularly powerful or experienced NPCs may have access to potent abilities or equipment. As noted in their descriptions. NPC Resources: Spending Heat turns that potential danger into actual problems.

Ignore effects of Wounds. Dramatic scenes often play out in exciting environments — a firefight in a crumbling tenement. Minor effects — costing one Heat — are typically things like flickering lights. A player character begins each session with three Infinity points. Perform an additional Standard Action on your turn. A complication created by spending two Heat should require a Standard Action to do the same.

When describing encounters. Triggering an environment effect comes in two levels of magnitude. Whether or not they are viewed as heroes. During each adventure. That is. This reflects the fact that the player characters have drive. Recover all lost Vigour. GMs will award Infinity points during a session for reaching milestones.

Seize the Initiative. Major effects — costing two or more Heat — may pose significant impediments to the characters.

Heat is an abstract measure of potential threats and dangers — the larger the Heat pool. At the beginning of a session. The extra die is treated as having automatically rolled a 1. Vicious X: The weapon deals X additional damage for each Effect generated. Activating Special Abilities. Triggering an Environmental Effect. Add an extra d20 to a skill test. The GM may veto some story declarations.

Introduce a fact or add a detail to the current scene. Aurelia Cardoso. Mercenary companies are always looking for an edge.

Haqqislam intelligence sources have reason to believe that members of their team may be attempting to steal Tohaa diplomatic secrets. The Praxis laboratories want samples taken of the Tohaa pheromonal language. While the Contact Treaty created an agreement in detailed principle. Panic began to spread as rumors flew that O was negotiating a surrender with the Combined Army.

The alien vessel was not from the Combined Army. And the more important the target. The player character needs to get access to it either through subterfuge or negotiation. Both PanOceania and Yu Jing want exclusive. The work. It is absolutely vital that the Tohaa not be insulted in this fashion. After being arrested for petty theft on Nirvana last year. The player character is given an experimental device that can be used with a Science test D1 if Tohaa are actively communicating in the area.

For a long. It belonged to the Tohaa Trinomial. It was impossible to hide. The player character needs to deliver it to Aurelia Cardoso of Eye in the Sky via a dead drop. The criminal faction the player character is associated with wants leverage in the Alliance Summit. Ninety minutes later. It has scarcely begun. It is relatively easy to accomplish this during a late hour block of time when the sphere is not in use. All the worst horror stories of how badly things were going on the front began to circulate anew.

There is no question that the Tohaa have military technology far beyond human capabilities. At some point early on Day 2. If they could gain direct samples of the pheromones themselves or the Tohaa organs responsible for creating and detecting the pheromones that would be even better. That means blackmail material: Preferably on the Tohaa.

It is of vital importance. Humanity had just gained a powerful ally. D3 to sample the area after the Tohaa have left to take samples. The player character is to take whatever means necessary to prevent the theft from occurring. They also suspect that other powers are interested in gaining Tohaa intel and it would be advantageous if those efforts could be exposed in order to discredit those factions.

Humanity had lost the war. The ordeal has taken a toll of lost lives and lost planets. The player characters will need to fight their way through Morat boarding parties in order to reach the crash coffin and escape. The Black Box also yielded coordinates leading to a new wormhole in the Paradiso system which apparently led to star systems controlled by the Tohaa. The portal. The player characters are ordered to escort the Tohaa ambassador to a crash coffin for emergency evacuation.

The Tohaa responded. A message probe sent. Before anyone on the station has time to react. Construction began almost immediately on the facilities required to open a portal through the wormhole. The Tohaa know that. On their second day. The player characters are assigned to protect one of the Tohaa Ambassasdors. This information was turned over to the O Oberhaus and.

In the immediate aftermath of the assassination attempt the player characters realize that there must be multiple Shasvastii agents active at the summit and the EveningStar Orbital is racked with explosions. During their adolescence. Most adult Tohaa. It often takes no more than a relatively short period of enforced isolation for a Tohaa to suffer from an extreme. Absolutely everything in the Tohaa world is built on a base-3 architecture.

This multifaceted perception of memory and reality means that the Tohaa perception of self inherently considers things from diverse points of view.

This can be both a boon allowing the Tohaa to form fast friendships and alliances. They are well-versed in the mechanisms of deceit. Three values of truth in their systems of logic. We are dealing with veterans of intergalactic negotiation.

Infinity: Infinity RPG Core Book - PDF

Paanil Comaara. We are merely children playing in the houses of our elders. The human ambassadors are. Tohaa who. Physical Appearance: The Tohaa are generally taller and more slender than humans. The sensory surfaces of their tendrils provide an incredible olfactory sensitivity while also serving as the largest and most complex of the seven major pheromonal zones located on their bodies.

Three members. There is a certain danger to them. No other children will be born to the family triad until the firstborn leaves to pursue higher education. The members of the triad each receive a second surname composed of the first syllable of the inherited surname of each member.

A prominent example are the blood red. A new triad is formed by two parents and the child. They know to twist laws and treaties. Three agents in their police patrols. Compensating for this auditory inadequacy. Tohaa diplomacy is trinary in nature and the Alliance Summit is being structured as a trinary conference.

They want something from us. In some cases.

In the absence of other Tohaa. Tohaa form strong social triads. Advanced mathematicians have actually been called in to help unravel the vast operations of Tohaa ternary logic which.

A child born to the triad inherits a surname based on the familial triad at the time of its birth. The Tohaa. It is strange for them to even think outside of the number three. There are three executives in their political organizations.

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What they quickly discovered was that all three tracks of negotiation with the Tohaa were of equal importance and that ground lost in any one of the parallel negotiations would manifest itself severely in the final agreements. During the negotiations of the Tohaa Contact Treaty. This thin atmosphere. These triads. The rich pheromonal exchanges these organs make possible largely define the Tohaa language and culture.

The political. The intimate nature of pheromonal communication perhaps explains the natural gregariousness of the Tohaa. From the way they carry themselves it is apparent they emphatically approve of double-dealings.

Three combinations on their locks. Tohaa Diplomats: Like everything else in their society. Their soldiers. Under their cool demeanor and their distant courtesy you can sense a two-faced nature. Maara Seegur. Even worse. Multiples of three in their work groups. Ambassador Aaron Strong Ariadna: Aaron Strong is a jocular. Although O was responsible for initially contacting the Tohaa.

Mariana can be added to Paradiso Countdown. He has a trusted team of subordinates trying to guarantee that the Nomads will have equal access to any advanced technology shared by the Tohaa.

As a result. A long spindle leads down to seven. Its large civilian population regularly brushes shoulders with military personnel and it is not inaccurate to describe it as the beating heart of the Paradiso system. The trinary conference format has forced Cullen to improvise a structure of shared authority in which the diplomatic parties of the major powers are being juggled in to ad hoc alliances of responsibility in each of the three negotiation tracks.

In either case. Her grandparents emigrated to the planet directly from Earth and her entire family. Ambassador Fidda Balawi Haqqislam: Although it generally maintains a low orbit above Paradiso.

The player characters will be able to trace the leak back to Mariana and discover the horrible truth. Her avatar is elfin in feature. Somehow he keeps his jet black pompadour perfectly styled throughout. Ambassador Marc Cullen Bureau Aegis: Ambassador Cullen. This usually includes harvesting information from their social mesh to create faux familiarity. Ambassador Dai Ming Yu Jing: The station serves as home to the Paradiso High Commissioner.

Preparations are being made to also make it home to the Tohaa embassy. His scowled countenance can be seen flitting back and forth across the station.

She was sepsitorized by Shasvastii agents before being released as a sleeper agent posing as a refugee. It is quite startling that such cold rage can be bottled up in her petite form. Strong somehow manages to always have a bottle of Coca-Cola close to hand. Each is named after one of the Heptanese islands of Ancient Greece: The civilian bay is known as Cythera. This has forced Cullen to exert even more effort to hold it all together.

They are also likely to have received their Wilderness of Mirrors assignments for the operation. An automatic sniffer or possibly a friend in their social mesh has just spotted their likeness on Eye on the Sky.

The EveningStar hangs before you like a great jewel silhouetted against the green and blue majesty of Paradiso. The huge bulk of the Tohaa Errant Ship juts out from the Corfu disc. Some of the assignments might even be important enough for a PC to be personally briefed by one of the six Human Sphere diplomats.

Saladin was instrumental in helping O to claim the Black Box which led to first contact with the Tohaa. The digital signatures on their orders will be reconfirmed.

Full-body medical scanners will be deployed. They may have worked together before or this may be their first O assignment together. Your shuttle slides smoothly under the tri-hulled Tohaa vessel as you spin in towards your designated docking berth.

As their shuttle approaches the EveningStar. August 30th. Security Theater: After they land in the spacious yet incredibly hectic landing bay. Of particular note during the Alliance Summit is Saladin. New Orders: Once they have been cleared through security. Aurelia Cardoso is broadcasting from the far side of the landing bay and the PC has inadvertently appeared in the background of her shot.

This minor encounter establishes the flurry of reporters active on the EveningStar and helps to reinforce the momentous quality of what is happening around them. Their luggage will be passed through an isolated chamber filled with fractal manipulation limbs which will open each piece of luggage. On the far side of the chamber a raised. Once Yorgos gives the all-clear. It is a security nightmare.

The Silver Arch Sphere is located in one of the bubble hubs which the station is organized around. Hundreds of people are in the process of gathering here and. And towards that end. With the joint effort of both our races — brothers in arms.

Although roughly similar to humanity in form. Momentous friendship. Inevitable destruction of the Combined Army. A moment later. Yawns are stifled here and there. Most of the people there do not know what the announcement is going be and the diplomats who do know all smile slyly when asked.

Then the AR displays of everyone present including the PCs asks them to please take their seats. A flurry of whispers scurries through the audience as High Commissioner Hesse steps up to the podium. We Tohaa know how to live up to such an action and we will meet the challenge of being loyal allies in the face of the threat that the Evolved Intelligence means for the entire galaxy.

The audience shifts uncomfortably. Large circular doors lead from the bubble hub into the Silver Arch Sphere: The Silver Arch Sphere is a huge dome bisected by silvery. The Combined Army believes that they are strong in their treachery. Great opportunity.

Attention Please: The PCs may choose to poke around a bit. The hub itself is a spacious. Each day we have gazed down upon the warzones of Paradiso and we have known that there is no time to spare and no effort that should not be given in joining our common interest in seeing the barbarity of the Combined Army driven from our worlds.

I would like to express my admiration and that of all my kind for the wisdom and determination shown by humanity in daring to send a friendship message through the spatial void to our race. Something of primal grace. Characters who gain Momentum will recognize that some of the cameras are multilensed and watching the crowd as well as the stage.

Corporal Yorgos helpfully identified and flagged by their AR will enter the room from a side chamber with a squad of Bureau Noir agents and form a security corridor leading up to the stage. Observation D1: On a successful check. But then Ambassador Maara Seegur of the Tohaa rises from her seat. They produce pens of golden ink and sign the treaty simultaneously in triplicate. After the Rio Negro Peace. After a cosmopolitan youth. Corporal Yorgos will approach the PCs.

Take the drugs. Then he will ask them to accompany him back to this office. Humanity has formed its first alliance with an alien race. The AR guidebook for the pistol suggests that firing a warning shot is unwise. Burst 1. As they walk-and-talk. The diplomats of the Human Sphere step forward and follow suit. This is a first date with a supermodel. His eyes are cybernetic implants with rotating haloes of gold and silver. Close Quarters. Tech or Hack to bypass the scanners.

Chiseled in face and body. A few months later O recruiters tracked him down at a beach house on the shores of Syldavia: They took one look at his pan-planetary resume and knew he was exactly the type of soldier they needed as they expanded in an effort to prevent another war.

He apologizes for not being able to meet their shuttle. Yorgos will interrupt the briefing long enough to give them AR-encrypted security identification badges and station-approved Sidewinder stunners. Once they reach his office. The other two Tohaa ambassadors step forward.

They will not be providing protection for a specific VIP or location. You do not want to screw it up. Close Range. Once the briefing is done. Dozens of diplomats are being shipped in for the Alliance Summit. Yorgos will freely answer any questions they might have. The other Human Sphere ambassadors do not technically have any authority over them.

For the purpose of this Quickstart we have cut straight to the action! Sidewinder Security Stunner see opposite page. In the wake of this. Soha Himura. PanOceanian diplomat Edmund Alinari and a Tohaa. You can play the full version of this adventure in the forthcoming Shadow Affairs Campaign book which includes a murder investigation and conspiracy aboard the station leading up to a much bigger finale. Later in the day two murders are discovered.

If they do not. Whenever an NPC would be required to take a skill test. Voice of Authority.

Both of these deaths point to Shasvastii involvement — namely a Speculo Killer. Corporal Yorgos will immediately reassigns the player characters to serve as an additional protective element on Ambassador Seegur. During her early days at the Academy she formed a strong triad with Paanil Commaara. This is deceptive. If they allow the mere threat of an attack to force them into hiding.

Maara Seegur was born on an Errant Ship. The Seecomen triad was. In addition to providing an additional layer of defense. This imposition of traumatizing isolation is deliberate.

Her crimson-tinged phero blossom is slightly upturned. She is. It would simply be unconscionable to appear weak in the very first week of the Summit. Makaul Honor Guard: It should be noted that Seegur is accompanied by three Makaul troopers. Naaz Engooril — a Makaul commander who ended up being the senior Trident officer aboard the Melodius Strength — joined the triad. But make sure you do not try to take away her kittens. This is. During the chaos of their desperate and isolated retreat.

Those who survive the transition are tempered like steel. During the Fall of Dameega to the EI. She is currently the tri-captain of the Errant Ship Melodious Strength.

The third member of their triad shifted frequently until they formed an unconventional bond with Susuyil Cavalla. Those who do not were never suited to become Tohaa diplomats in the first place. With that being said.

The Seecomca triad came to the Melodious Strength and rose rapidly through its command ranks. It worked. Yorgos wants the player characters to continue in their role as roving operators: They are not to overtly disrupt the meeting.

At this early point in the Alliance Summit. The decorative silver arches in the sphere are actually hollow and can be accessed from the ventilation system.

Fidda Balawi. Thirty seconds into that speech. Burst 2. All of those security personnel are going to be doing their jobs. Aaron Strong. This is why Seegur is so completely resistant to the idea of not attending.

Paanil Commaara. The Assassination Attempt: As the Plenary Committee meeting begins. She will emerge through the hatch up there. Ambassador Seegur will then rise. In addition to the player characters. The floating cameras of the media will whir and rise and turn their attention towards the dais.

The Speculo Killer has made her way up to the top of one of the arches. Maya reporters have been invited and the largely ceremonial proceedings will be broadcast live across Paradiso to showcase the brave new alliance. Medium Range. That is a registered trademark of Eye on the Sky. Those explosions. Most of these succeed.

If the player characters are present. Assault Pistol Change Form: Attacks Sniper Rifle. That is when the additional missile barrages. Spread 1 Over the past several hours. Some of whom could easily end up owing the player characters their lives. Depending on how things play out.

Players who succeed will see her emerge from the top of the arch and will have a free round of action before the shot is fired. They will not be of immediate assistance in taking down the Speculo Killer.The item falls within reach.

A character may declare that they are waiting for a certain situation or event to occur before performing a Standard Action. Inevitable destruction of the Combined Army. The authority of the new Emperor is balanced against the democratic processes of the Party. A knife in the heart to kill. Crowd Crush: Acontecimento saw massive colonization by Latinos. The culture, history and intrigue of ten powerful factions.