How would I describe Jeremy Soul in daytime dating? A master of speech, thought and action. Let me explain. It was on a cold winter's day that I arrived at. Daytime Dating - Jeremy Soul - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Get more information here: Being able to successfully approach and date women in the daytime is a skill that.

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Seduction what to do when a woman is in your bedroom is not covered in this book, because whether you meet a woman in the nighttime or the daytime, its pretty much the same process.

Refer to Magic Bullets for information on that. In a nightclub or bar, a higher level of touching is expected and accepted, but in the daytime you will generally have to focus more on your conversational ability. Of course, you still need to progress things physically and logistically, so I have covered these two Triad strands in the final part of the book.

Caveats I want to stress that the information presented here comes with a few caveats. At Love Systems, the barriers to entry for becoming an instructor are indeed high. I had to prove myself in-field and on bootcamps for a long time before Savoy gave me the green light to start teaching programs. But just because we are all good at what we do and teach, it doesnt mean that we know everything there is to know about dating.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is continuing to learn and evolve as a community and as men who are good with women. So understand that as I write this book, I believe it to be the most up-to-date, effective and powerful system for meeting women in the daytime.

But bear the following caveats in mind: 1. The sequence of the Love Systems Triad described here is a model.

The fact is that there will always be situations where things happen out of sequence. Interactions wont always progress in exactly this order, but they will tend to. Dont get hung up on terminology. For ease of learning and for the benefit of the tens of thousands of people whove read Magic Bullets or are on the Love Systems online community , Ive tried to use terminology thats consistent with how people talk about dating and attraction today.

Whether you call it rapport or comfort, or day game or daytime dating isnt as important as what you actually do and say when you are with women. You will only truly understand this information when you put it into practice. Its great to read Daytime Dating, but you wont fully believe in what I advise here until you try it for yourself. Go out and use this stuff. If at the end of this book, you feel like you need further information on a specific topic for example, meeting women through your social circle or relationship management , then Ive included a bunch of at the end that will help you.

In particular, there is information in the Resources section on the live Daytime Dating workshops that we run and how you might benefit from them. The workshops involve not only training of the theoretical material, but live coaching in-field by expert instructors. Our training is second-to-none, and if you find yourself needing further assistance to apply the material presented here, I highly recommend looking into it youll find it nothing less than life-changing.

Daytime Dating is divided into three parts: This section will help to prepare you mentally for the challenges youll face.

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Most men get incredibly nervous when approaching women in the daytime I was no different when I started. This section will help you to deal with that, set healthy expectations for yourself and introduce you to the foundational model of everything we do at Love Systems, the Love Systems Triad.

This section focuses on progressing things emotionally as you talk to a woman, including how to approach her and begin a conversation Approaching and Transitioning , how to get her interested in you Attraction , how to show your interest in her Qualification , how to structure the initial conversation Conversation Mapping and how to build an emotional connection with her Comfort. As you practice with the information you learn in this book, gradually things will begin to click and you will find your interactions with attractive women becoming better.

There is a lot of information presented here and it will take you time to read. A lot of things will make more sense once you go out and try it a few times and observe the results. So treat this book as a reference that you keep coming back to, over and over again.

However, you might be sitting in a caf reading this right now and there is a cute girl sitting next to you. Or you might walk out of your office at lunchtime and see a beautiful woman walking past you on the street.

Daytime Dating - Jeremy Soul

So what should you say? Well, this entire book is devoted to breaking down the stages you need to go through to successfully approach and date women in these situations.

However, this section will show you very briefly how to get into that initial conversation and take it somewhere, for example taking a phone number. This is by no means a comprehensive explanation of daytime dating, but should be enough if you only have ten minutes to read this and a beautiful woman happens to cross your path today.

Approaching and Transitioning Get her attention politely, explain how you came to notice her and pay her a small, but genuine physical compliment. For example: Excuse me, hi. I just saw you sitting there and I had to tell you, you have an amazing style.

I really love your look: its so well put-together. Excuse me, hi. I really love your look, its so well put-together. The ideal reaction from a woman is pleasant surprise. The more warmly she reacts, the more open to a conversation she is. If you get a less than warm re action, dont take it personally!

Some women just arent interested in meeting strangers, or perhaps she already has a boyfriend. The and chapters cover all this in a lot of detail, showing you ways to make it work as effectively as possible. Attraction Over the next five or ten minutes, you want to find out a little bit about who this woman is, and demonstrate that you are an interesting person to her. Find out what she is doing today, what she does for a living, and what she does in her spare time for fun.

Dont ask all these questions in a row, but gradually find out these answers over the course of a five- or ten-minute conversation. Use her answers to make statements that lead the conversation onto topics you are knowledgeable about. For example, if youre a good writer, and it turns out shes studying journalism, you could talk about how much you enjoy journalism, your experiences of studying writing, or what you love most about writing as a job.

Make sure you dont go into interview mode by asking lots of questions and making few statements. You should make statements about yourself for most of the conversation. The questions you ask her simply allow you to target the statements youre going to make. Try to discover things that you are both passionate about and spend time talking about those things with her. Think about your favorite topics of conversation, whether its travelling, writing, dancing, sports, music, movies or anything else, and ask her questions related to these things, for example, What kind of movies do you like?

If after a few minutes, you get the impression you could genuinely like her, give her another compliment that this time doesnt relate to how she looks. For example, I really like that youre into travelling. It makes me think that we could have a few things in common. Try to pay her a couple of these non-physical compliments over the course of the conversation. Logistical Progression If youve had a good conversation with her after five or ten minutes, tell her that you enjoyed talking with her and that youd like to talk some more over a drink or a coffee.

See how she responds. If she agrees, find out what her schedule is like for tonight or the next few days, and arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.

Ask her to put her phone number in your phone and save it. You have hopefully now set up a date! If she says no, tell her, No problem. It was nice to meet you, and go approach some more women If youve never been particularly confident talking to women, then approaching them at night is scary enough but at least then you have alcohol, your buddies, social proof if you are with other women and the anonymity of a dark, loud environment to protect your ego from rejection. A big hurdle to jump over is making your first daytime approach.

The first time I traveled into central London all those years ago to do my first mission, which was simply walking up to ten women and telling them, Youre cute, I was terrified. What made me overcome that?

Honestly, there was nothing that special that I heard, saw or understood that gave me the confidence to do it; it was simply good old-fashioned determination. There comes a point in your life when you realize that if you want to grow, if you want to improve your life and if you want to acquire new skills or experiences, you are going to feel scared when you do so.

Accept that and move beyond it, or that feeling with haunt you forever. Courage isnt the absence of fear. Its the willingness to act in spite of it. You can do hundreds or thousands of approaches and have successes with those, but ultimately if your head is not in the right space, you are walking down a path of frustration and disappointment. When I first started daytime approaches I didnt have all of these mindsets.

But as I started to reach plateaus in my skill set and wanted more consistency in my results and less frustration , I realized that there were several principles I needed to embrace in order to be as successful as possible.

These took me years to figure out. Some of them will resonate with you immediately, whereas others will take some time to take root in your subconscious and your behavior. Keep on coming back to these mindsets whenever you feel frustrated and they will offer you solace and a route back onto the right path. Anything is possible When I first started daytime approaching, I thought it was impossible to talk to a woman in the cold light of day, let alone take her phone number or even take her on a date instantly.

Ive since blown that reality apart and taken things much further than that. Ive approached women while they were with their mothers, when they seemed like they were in a rush and wouldnt stop for me, when they were surrounded by groups of friends, and in even stranger, more awkward or difficult situations than those.

I still havent done everything I could want to do in terms of daytime approaching, but I realize now that nothing is impossible. Some things are improbable in certain situations, but with time and energy anything is achievable. I take risks for the things I want I take a lot of inspiration from the lives of successful people. In it, Branson describes his early business endeavors such as starting a student magazine at age 16 and calling national advertisers to convince them to advertise in his unheard-of publication.

He goes on to describe how someone offered him a stake in a new airline. Against all personal and business advice from those around him, he took up the challenge: the now successful airline Virgin Atlantic was born.

As I read Bransons book, I realized that there was one major quality that set him apart from most of the world: he is willing to take risks for the things he wants. He says, My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them Taking risks is not about always achieving what you want. There will be failures and things that dont work out; you need to accept that. Taking risks is about being willing to act when you think, I want that.

The outcome is not as important as taking action. I think about how much opportunity Ive seen and how much of that Ive acted on.

Living a life with beautiful, intelligent and inspirational women around you is great, but what is really satisfying is living a life of action instead of one of regret. The way you choose to live your life is infinitely more important than the external trappings of your life; success in the latter is great, but it doesnt come without the former. Every time you see a woman in the daytime you want to talk to, remember that the uncomfortable feeling of approaching her and potentially getting rejected will subside a lot quicker and be a lot more bearable than the regret you will feel if you dont.

Be happy to take the risk for something you want, and dont worry so much about the outcome of each individual situation. I express my desires and feelings Doing daytime approaches is like putting a microscope on your social interactions.

Suddenly, everything appears to you in a level of detail and intensity that you have never experienced before; not in nightclub approaches, social circle introductions, or even in speed dating. You have a few seconds as a beautiful woman walks past you to decide whether you are going to run after her and say something, anything, or let her be just another missed opportunity.

In nightclubs and bars, you can often get away with a little procrastination. In the daytime, rarely do you have that luxury. The window of opportunity opens and closes in moments. If you are a person that rationalizes, calculates and takes time to figure out the best strategy for the highest chance of success with her, you could miss out on more opportunities in the daytime than those you capitalize on.

Im not saying there is no place for strategy or planning in the daytime, but you need to be willing to act quickly lest all your strategizing be wasted. The simplest way to do this is to be willing to express your desires and feelings as soon as you feel them. You see a woman you like, you notice something about her, and then you approach her and tell her immediately.

The more time you spend thinking about it and rationalizing what could happen, the greater the chance you will get nervous and miss the opportunity. Most men are afraid to express how they feel; embracing your desires like this sets you apart as a higher caliber man.

The counterpart of this mindset is that you are happy to simply express your desires without expectation or outcome. It is more about putting yourself out there and giving her the opportunity to spend time with you than it is about expecting or hoping that she will feel similarly. For example, the worst way you can tell a woman you love her is to say it expecting her to say it back.

Do that and you are a weak man. Tell a woman you love her without worry whether she will say it back or not and you are a strong man. I once called a woman to tell her I loved her. Three months later she called me to say that she realized she felt the same way. Was I worried in between? I was happy to simply express how I felt and to continue spending time with her. Its the same with daytime approaches. Be happy to simply express your desires and feelings when you first approach her.

If you spend more time with her, go on a date, or end up in bed a few hours later, great. But live a life where you embrace and express your desires instead of hiding them inside and you will lead a much happier life.

I am coming from a position of high value Its very easy when youre talking to or looking at a beautiful woman to think she is out of your league, that she somehow has more value than you. As soon as you start to think that, its intimidating. But what happens when you start talking to her? Maybe it turns out she is a student of an academic subject that you have a PhD in.

Maybe she goes regularly to a nightclub where you know the manager. Maybe when you wake up with her in the morning, you will realize that she is a person just like you, with strengths and weaknesses of her own, and insecurities deeper than you could possibly imagine. Value is relative across situations. Sure, when youre in a nightclub and she is dancing on the pole, she has every guy in there gawping at her.

But take her out of that environment and put her in your workplace as your intern or junior. Suddenly you have the higher value.

Thats just one example, yet there are countless situations where you might hold greater value than her. You will never have higher value than every person you meet in life, but if you recognize the areas of your life where you do have strong value, then you have something to offer everyone.

When you are talking to a woman in the daytime, realize that you are coming from a position of high value. You will convey some of this value immediately as you approach her your body language, tonality etc.

Dont worry about demonstrating it all straight away. Relax, do enough to get her interested in the approach, and believe that she will like you more as you interact with her. You see her walking down the street, shes beautiful, sure. But arent you yourself intelligent, funny, and interesting? It might not be immediately apparent when she looks at you, but take the chance to talk to her and she might just discover all these things about you especially with what you are going to learn in this book.

I want you, but I do not need you Theres a big paradox here which astute readers may have noticed. If you adopt all the above mindsets you realize you are high value, you just enjoy expressing how you feel then what is the point or rationale behind seeking outcome sex, love or otherwise at all?

Is it wrong to want to enjoy the physicality of a beautiful woman, or to relish the companionship an intelligent woman offers? What is dangerous is to think that you need any of this in the absolute sense. In absolute terms, all you need is food, air and water. Realize that you have romantic and sexual desires and be willing to act on them as described above.

These desires are real and are a part of you, but they do not control you. Each woman you meet might be desirable she might even be the most desirable woman you have ever met in your life , but she is not necessary for your existence or happiness. This is the most powerful mindset you can ever adopt for your dating life and indeed other areas of your life.

But if that was true, why not cast off your clothes, give away all your money, and go live on a mountain somewhere by yourself? Its good to have desires and to want things. It makes for an interesting life to pursue these desires and achieve your goals and to keep on setting and achieving new goals. But its bad to think that any one outcome is the be all and end all of your life. Some time ago I got into a stupid fight and ended up in hospital with my left eye pretty damaged.

I wasnt sure whether Id ever be able to see out of it again. As I lay there in the hospital the next morning, I thought to myself, Whatever happens, I will deal with it. I was amazed at my own stoicism, and I realized it has come from the path I have been walking for the last few years in dating science. There is an immense inner strength you develop when you become a person who is willing to try to achieve everything he wants in life, and willing to deal with any outcome as a result of those efforts.

Positive or negative, whatever happens to you in your life makes for a more interesting tapestry overall. So every time you want to talk to a beautiful woman you see walking past you, embrace your desire for her but realize that whatever happens, you are still you, and that is all you need.

Its impossible to say how long it will take you before you reach a particular benchmark of being good because everyone starts from a different place based on their genetics, early upbringing, formative experiences at school and the influences theyve had since then and learns at a different rate.

Being good is also relative; knowing that you are implementing what you are learning and making improvements is a more useful measure of success.

You will have to take yourself out of your comfort zone regularly by doing things that are deeply unfamiliar or unusual for you. It may seem strange to start having conversations with women using the structure and techniques you are going to learn. You will have to 24 DAYTIME DATING feign confidence and pretend you know what you are doing for a while: at least until you have practiced the elements so much that they become natural to you and you no longer have to think about them.

You may be using pre-scripted lines and stories what are called in order to gain confidence and competence in having interesting conversations with women. Dont worry if it feels artificial at first it will. When you feel ready to free-flow attractive conversation, try not using anything scripted and see how you do. The important thing is that you are progressing and growing in your ability to meet and attract women.

If you use Love System, Mystery Method or Venusian Arts' dating systems this is a good bridge to applying them to meet women during the day. Jeremy Soul the author of this book and Paul Janka are the two most popular dating coaches who have focused on meeting women in the daytime and written books specifically on the subject. Good Solid Content Daytime Dating takes you step by step through what is important to being successful at meeting women in the daytime and how to execute.

Daytime Dating – Never Sleep Alone: Day Game by Jeremy Soul (Love Systems)

In execution it starts with how to prepare before meeting a woman, then moves to how and where to meet her, and take you through the things you will need to do to successful escalate into dating her or escalating physically. The content is effective, and we've rated it an 8 on that dimension. Part of the reason for this is that it uses the Love Systems approach as explained in Magic Bullets as its foundation - already a good system.

If you use a Love Systems style approach you'll feel right at home with this. There is some room for improvement however - that we'll get into later in this review.

Some of the parts that make Daytime Dating stand out are how it explains what you need to do differently from meeting women at night. Your ability to hold and lead conversations for instance, is emphasized over some of the more 'fun focused' approaches most coaches recommend you use in bars and clubs. In fact, you could say there is a lot of overlap. On the other hand, there are areas of Daytime Dating where you are told to refer to the Magic Bullets Handbook.

For example where it comes to seduction, or escalating the relationship physically with a woman. And yet others where Daytime Dating brings you completely original content. This presents a bit of a conundrum to its readers.

The end result is that you'll be able to make best use of Daytime Dating if you already very familiar with the Love Systems approach to dating and have already read the Magic Bullets Handbook.

However, while reading Daytime Dating as a consequence you will find many of the chapters have similar content to Magic Bullets with some details on Daytime Pick Up integrated into them.

If you've already read Revelation has a lot of similarities in content to Magic Bullets , you will have a good enough understanding of the principles to not have to download Magic Bullets in order to get the value from Daytime Dating.

Personally, I feel that it would've made a lot more sense to just require people to read Magic Bullets before Daytime Dating, and have focused on creating only original content for Daytime Dating.

Having said this What is Original that isn't in the Magic Bullets Handbook? Throughout this book Love Systems' dating system is applied to daytime dating scenarios with hints and details on how things work when meeting women during the daytime.

The differences turned out to be a lot fewer than you would expect. So there is not a whole lot of value in this, unless you really are completely new to meeting women in the daytime and need it explained to you in detail. For anyone who has already been approaching and meeting women in the daytime you will not find any revelations here. All common sense. The original material, that adds to what you may have learned in magic bullets handbook, is found in some specific chapters and the bonuses.

Jeremy Soul outlines an approach to preparing for conversations here that is definitely useful. Your success depends on it. So this section was a necessary addition. I would've liked this section to be a lot bigger and see it go into a lot more detail in fact. When you first approach women during the day there are not that many different responses that women give you - it would've been great to see these listed and some good responses and conversational approaches to make the best of each response for example.

So, there's an opportunity to take the reader by the hand and walk him through the conversations with more step by step tips and specific examples here. That would deliver tremendous value to men who haven't approached women during the day before. In many ways meeting women during the day is more scary than at night - because it is less common and socially acceptable. More detail in this chapter would help to eliminate that anxiety and fear - because the reader would have a much better understanding and expectation of how a woman is likely to react when he approaches.

Bonus - Approach Anxiety Approach anxiety is the term given to the fear of approaching a woman. This fear tends to be much greater when approaching women during the day, so this is a highly relevant bonus.

I found this to be a good introduction into overcoming Approach Anxiety with an outline of several fairly good methods to tackle it. If you have read a lot of this type of material there is nothing that innovative however. If 'approach anxiety' is your sticking point, and you need something better, the best advice on the subject can be found in The Complete Game Seduction System by Chris Andersen.

Bonus - How to Learn Productively How to learn productively is a critical subject. Who wants to waste years learning this stuff? If you've been following Dating Skills Review for a while you'll know it is an area we really emphasize.

It's good to see dating coaches putting more emphasis on it as with this guide. In it you'll find a lot of tips on how to learn faster - it's all good material.

The Bottom line This book provides some good solid advice and insights into the world of meeting women during the daytime.

It's a bit unfortunate that it is tied in to Magic Bullets in a way that means you should get that too, despite there being a lot of overlap of content between the two. If you use Love System, Mystery Method or Venusian Arts' dating systems this will be a decent bridge to learning how to use those systems to meet women during the day.

If you want something more innovative to shake your system up more Paul Janka's Attraction Formula will be better for you. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? This book covers years of dating experience, field-tested techniques, and comprehensive research.

It takes men through the whole process of meeting and approaching women and closing the deal. It also explains what to do and say in various situations when approaching women. It will not appear anywhere.

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For a daygame system, lovesystems have missed an opportunity. Ive been waiting for the lovesystems guide to day game for a long time and eagerly downloaded it on the day of release, immediately opened it up and starting reading. However, very quickly I see that souls daytime dating is not in the same league as the previous books. Long on filler - pages and pages explaining basic concepts and rehashing material in other books — eg the emotional progression model from magic bullets is again gone over in detail.

Start with a compliment, then ask her about work. For me, I wanted to see specific routines adapted for different environments such as supermarkets, malls, restaurants, music stores, bookshops, stations..

These places are only mentioned in passing and there are no specific routines given for approaches and escalations in these environments. For someone who has read and appreciated love systems earlier works, the useful material here could be condensed to maybe 2 or 3 pages! I feel that the book is aimed really at the novice with no experience of dating science.

Comments 2 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? His proposal is Direct Game in the daytimeIve since blown that reality apart and taken things much further than that.

If you are a person that rationalizes, calculates and takes time to figure out the best strategy for the highest chance of success with her, you could miss out on more opportunities in the daytime than those you capitalize on. Not quite. In some cities for example. When a clear and valid Notice is received pursuant to the guidelines, we will respond by either taking down the allegedly infringing content or blocking access to it, and we may also contact you for more information.

I realized that there was one major quality that set him apart from most of the world: