Artificial intelligence is the hottest tech topic there is at the moment. It is therefore not surprising that there are hundreds of books available on. A list of 17 new artificial intelligence books you should read in , such as The WEIRD CEO, The AI Advantage and Will Computers Revolt. Find our list of the best books on artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics for beginners and pros. Choose yours, read and meet the.

Artificial Intelligence Book

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Here are some of the best books on the rich history, rabid speculations and intriguing fictionalized world of artificial intelligence. Online shopping for Artificial Intelligence from a great selection at Books Store. Discover the best Artificial Intelligence in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in site Books Best Sellers.

In it, Tegmark, who is a physicist and cosmologist, sets out to separate AI myths from reality in an approachable and lively way. Impressively, he manages to cover some quite challenging topics and questions How can we create a more prosperous world through automation?

How can we protect AI systems from hacking and nefarious use? Facilitating challenging, thought-provoking conversations about AI, whether you want to impress folks around the water cooler or instigate serious AI strategy discussions.

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Artificial life is just one part of this envisioned world, and Harari explores a range of other challenges, including immortality.

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Books in 2019

Combining hard science with stimulating philosophical questions around human identity. Definitely one to make you feel smarter!

AI Superpowers: For both of these superpowers, and indeed the rest of the world, this means dramatic business and societal changes will hit us sooner than anyone could imagine. Understanding which jobs both blue collar and white collar are most likely to be affected by AI, and which jobs can be enhanced with AI.

I libraries such as Tensorflow to construct A. This book will get you up to speed with building A. I using Deep Learning. Prior knowledge of Python may be advised. I based applications. Stats helps to drive the decision-making process of AI such that smart decisions are made. This is THE book to read on anything to do with modern artificial intelligence.

I regard this as my personal bible and would recommend it to anyone who is involved in technical artificial intelligence. Um excelente livro para quem quer estudar fundamentos de IA, recomendo.

Great overview over such a big and complex field such as Artificial Intelligence. Mar 01, Jaslyn rated it it was amazing. Mar 23, Shahriar Hossain is currently reading it. We call ourself Homo sepiens - man the wise This is the most complete and comprehensive book I read on a subject of Artificial Intelligence so far and it's very well written as well.

The 10 best books about A.I.

If you plan diving into AI really seriously and you are keen to invest some good amount of time going through pages of this book then I really recommend it for you. Great addition to this book is A.

Last three months I spent every day with both this book and A. It's a pricey book. It was used in my university on AI. It covers many AI topics including intelligent agents, searching, knowledge representation, machine learning, etc. There are enough examples, but not enough good and clear examples. The book is heavily biased towards First Order Logic as the way to do knowledge representation, making it good on Bayesian networks.

Other topics like neural networks and machine vision would be better off read elsewhere. Overall, the book is not for light readi It's a pricey book. Overall, the book is not for light reading - you need to really concentrate on what you're reading to understand it.

Fantastic and comprehensive book on the different aspects of artificial intelligence AI. I am attending Stamford cs online class fall and I am also a member of the team translating the videos from English to French. Peter Norvig is a great teacher. The book and the videos complement each another very well.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Even if you are not taking the course, or after you have took it, this book is a superb reference on the subject for graduate students and professionals alike. I highly recommend i Fantastic and comprehensive book on the different aspects of artificial intelligence AI.

I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the field. Jan 01, Patrick Jennings rated it liked it Shelves: Pretty much THE book to have on comprehensive artificial intelligence. A Modern Approach is used in schools and universities across the globe.

Don't expect implementations in anything but general pseudocode in this book. Although, you may check the repository at aima. One of the best technical books I have read, albeit on a hard topic. It's quite readable and a lot better than my AI lectures ever were.

Must admit to only reading the first 12 chapters though. Its main weakness lies in the lacking coverage of "new AI" topics, such as evolutionary algorithms. What a nice and useful book! All the main AI before or so is here and the accompanying code in lisp and python is a good way to learn about the implementation details.

I will surely remember this book when I am writing a similar one! Mar 20, Jamison Dance rated it really liked it. The classic introduction to the field.

Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell are great writers, and do a good job of explaining the concepts. Sometimes their bias shows, but that is something I am willing to put up with for a book that covers the field so well.

Oct 12, Tasnim Dewan Orin rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is holy grail i. I love the examples and everything it taught me while learning basic of AI. May 27, Mahmoud Adly rated it liked it.

That paradox of loving AI and hating the journey the center of math. Any ways, it is a reference after all.

1. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

At least I know where to go when I have a problem. Mar 20, ali is currently reading it Recommends it for: May 15, Antonis Maronikolakis rated it it was amazing. From the traditional Search problems to Natural Language Processing, this book has it all.

It brims with a lot of detail and is suited to anyone with an interest in AI. If you want an introduction to this -sometimes daunting- field, this book is for you. The extra detail does not come with extra complications, thankfully, with the more advanced ideas covered in as clean a manner as the more basic ones. There is pseudocode for most of the algorithms and more is added with each edition and there are a lot of examples, all of which make understanding and following the concepts so much more easier.

What stands out for this book is how well written it is. Everyone can pick it up with the most basic of backgrounds and they will understand and enjoy it. The prose is clear and at times even playful and colorful. This, on top of the great and simple explanations, makes studying it a joy.

Also, for those who want to get their hands dirty with code, the book has some official accompanying public repositories https: If you are interested in a guide in the fast growing field of Artificial Intelligence, look no further than this book.

I cannot recommend it enough.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Goodreads is hiring! If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you. Artificial Intelligence. About Stuart Russell.Check C. Instead, I offer you my top five. By combining an investigation into the neocortex, study of language and the development of AI, this book dives into many thought-provoking lines of inquiry.

Embedded Programming. Artificial life is just one part of this envisioned world, and Harari explores a range of other challenges, including immortality.

Artificial Intelligence: Jul 31, Wooi Hen Yap rated it really liked it.