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2711p Rdt10c Pdf

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New touch panel A for AB P-RDT10C P-T10C4D. Visit smeltitherabpigs.cf for more. Allen Bradley. number P-xxxxx9, correlate to catalog numbers P-xxxxx6 and P -RP9x logic modules support PanelView Plus 6 terminals with PDF reader. P-RDT10C. PanelView Plus and PanelView Plus CE Color Touch Screen Display Module. P-RDT10CM. PanelView Plus and PanelView Plus .

Changes throughout this revision are marked by change bars as shown to the left of this paragraph. Net Compact framework Version 3.


Additional functionality is available by ordering terminals with optional, extended features. Standard Features Terminals Cat.

These catalog numbers are referenced in Catalog Number Conversion Tables - and Terminals on page 6. Some of the legacy PanelView Plus configured terminals support the same communication protocols and are available for a limited time.

These catalog numbers are referenced in Catalog Number Conversion Tables - … Terminals on page You can use the display modules in Table 11 and the communication modules in Table 12 with all PanelView Plus 6 - … terminals. Table 10 - Logic Modules - … Terminals Cat. Table 11 - Display Modules - … Terminals Cat.

Maximum allowed inductance of the USB peripheral device and its associated cable. Li La Outdoor Installation for High-bright Displays When using a high-bright display module outdoors, catalog number P-RDT12H, there are important considerations in maximizing the field-life of the front bezel and display: Using an antiglare overlay and visor Selecting the proper enclosure Using the proper orientation of the terminal Ultraviolet and infrared radiation can reduce the field life of any electronic device.

While the materials used in the terminal bezels provide long field life, that field life can be extended by proper installation. It cannot be used with AC-powered logic modules. Using an antiglare overlay, catalog number P-RGT12, will protect the front of the terminal from direct exposure to UV radiation and increase its field life.

Using a Solar Visor If the high-bright display module will be in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day and the external ambient temperature exceeds 40 C F , use the visor kit, catalog number P-RVT The visor reduces the solar load on the front of the display and helps to maintain temperatures within specification. The high-bright display module has a built-in temperature sensor that automatically reduces the backlight intensity if the temperature inside the cabinet exceeds 55 C F.

This reduces the risk of damage to the display.

2711P RDT10C PDF

Selecting an Enclosure The paint, color, size, and power dissipated by the internal components of an enclosure affect the temperature rise inside the cabinet.

Stirring fans or active cooling may be required in high altitude and high ambient temperature locations to keep the internal enclosure temperature below 55 C F. Use a heater in installations where the ambient temperature is below 0 C 32 F.

Backlight Considerations The backlight of the high-bright display generates a significant amount of heat when set to full intensity. To minimize the amount of heat generated and extend the life of the backlight, decrease the display intensity by using the screen saver with a minute delay.

User Manual. PanelView Plus 6 Terminals 400, 600, 700, 1000, 1250, 1500

Orientation of the Terminal If outside, avoid placing the terminal on the south north in the southern hemisphere or west side of cabinet, if possible. This will reduce the heat rise due to solar loading during the hottest part of the day. Mount the terminal vertically to minimize the solar loading on the display. Do not mount the terminal in a sloped enclosure if it will be exposed to direct sunlight. Rockwell Automation Publication P-UMA-EN-P - November 27 Install Terminal Required Tools These tools are required for panel installation: Panel cutout tools Small, slotted screwdriver Torque wrench for tightening the terminal mounting clips Clearances Allow adequate spacing around the terminal, inside the enclosure, for adequate ventilation.


Consider heat produced by other devices in the enclosure. The ambient temperature around the terminals must be between C F.

These minimum clearances are required for ventilation: Top clearance: 51 mm 2 in. Bottom clearance: mm 4 in.

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Side clearances: 25 mm 1 in. Back clearance: 25 mm 1 in. Minimum side clearance for inserting an SD card is mm 4 in. Panel Cutout Dimensions Use the full size template shipped with your terminal to mark the cutout dimensions. All other terminal sizes look similar. Height mm 7. Depth a Display to Logic Module 55 mm 2.

Depth b Display to Comm Module 83 mm 3. The number of clips you use varies by terminal size. Make sure the area around the panel cutout is clear.

Take precautions so metal cuttings do not enter any components already installed in the panel. Failure to follow these warnings may result in personal injury or damage to panel components.

Follow these steps to mount the terminal in a panel. Cut an opening in the panel by using the panel cutout template shipped with the terminal.

Make sure the terminal sealing gasket is properly positioned on the terminal. This gasket forms a compression type seal. Do not use sealing compounds. Sealing Gasket Be careful not to pinch the legend strip during installation.

Place the terminal in the panel cutout. Mounting Clip Mounting Clip Slot 4. Slide the ends of the mounting clips into the slots on the terminal.Using an antiglare overlay, catalog number P-RGT12, will protect the front of the terminal from direct exposure to UV radiation and increase its field life.

All logos and trademarks are properties of their respective companies. When combining products within a system, the most adverse temperature code lowest "T" number may be used to help determine the overall temperature code of the system.

Activities including installation, adjustments, putting into service, use, assembly, disassembly, and maintenance are required to be carried out by suitably trained personnel in accordance with applicable code of practice. S'assurer que l'environnement est class non dangereux avant de changer les piles.

Create ladder logic to interact with the HMI application. Peripheral equipment must be suitable for the location in which it is used.