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No doubt, Kokichi would see through it eventually The whole conversation before this was just a cover. And we can't discuss it any further here. I need you to meet me at my room. You've got guts, Shuichi. He had to. For his sake. But, if this turns out to be a waste of my time You'll live to regret it. I'll make sure you suffer in ways you can't even imagine. Stay tuned for the thrilling continuation! The world stilled into silence, and Shuichi gently drew in his breath, calming his nerves.

What in the world was he getting himself into? Kaede's warning to stay away from him echoed in the back his mind, but he forced it down. Despite his appearance, despite his threatening words Just a hunch Why not this one, too? In the depths of night, Shuichi clutched a fist to his heart.

I'm going to save you. Even if you don't want to be saved. I promise I promise I will never give up on you.

He had to get to bed But for a moment, Shuichi stood in the silence of the still courtyard, letting his feelings wash over him and fill him with resolution. His courage, given to him by his closest friends, those he loved, despite only knowing them for a few days He thanked them from his very soul Pinpricks of glowing stars shone down on him from above For his continued strength Table, closet, desk and chair, empty bookshelf, a few drawers First, he had to develop a method of locking the door from the inside.

He might need a few extra supplies, but it could be done. The shelves would be useful A part of him felt dirty for planning something behind someone's back like this If any other options had appeared before him, he would've already taken them. He shouldn't feel bad, and he had to keep telling himself that.

First of all, he had to get to the dining hall posthaste. Otherwise, waking up this early would be entirely wasted. With ideas swirling through his mind, Shuichi made his way there, using the back entrance, and making sure he didn't run into anyone else on the way.

The only one up this early She wasn't in the dining room, but that was to be expected. After all, she was in the kitchen, cooking up today's breakfast. Warm, delectable scents wafted by Shuichi's nose as he poked himself through the kitchen doors. Good morning, Shuichi. I, um I have a request It's kind of unusual, but It is not my place to judge. She was frightfully skilled at times I'd like you to teach me to Just give me moment I mean, after breakfast!

Meet me back here in the kitchen once breakfast has concluded, then. Thank you very much, Kirumi. I'll you see you then. As he'd thought about it last night, he'd decided He could easily just ask Kirumi to make all the food he needed Yet, he couldn't even figure out why.

It made no rational sense He realized that it was sort of unlike him to do something just because he wanted to But, why not?

There was no reason not to either. In fact, he might better be able to explain it away In a few short moments, the earlier risers--Gonta, Kaito, Angie, Maki--made their way into the dining hall.

Tenko was probably awake, too, but she usually waited for Himiko. They all commented on Shuichi's presence, but he waved it off by saying he'd had a hard time sleeping last night. Kaede arrived, immediately asking him about his night Awkwardly, Shuichi made up something about re-checking the library, but being unable to find any clues hidden in the books. Naturally, Kaede still seemed concerned, but she bought it well enough, deciding not to pester him about it, for which he was very thankful.

Everyone sat down to breakfast It wasn't terribly surprising, but Shuichi found himself worrying a little bit anyway. Five days surviving on nothing but soda and chewing gum Unless he had, and no one knew about it. Shuichi really didn't like to think of that possibility.

Kirumi's lesson afterward went smoothly and easily. Her directions were precise and detailed, her examples flawless. Though Shuichi doubted he could produce the same results she had, he was confident he could remember all the steps.

Aerospace Component Marking & Traceability

Afterwards, he'd promised to spend some time with Kaede in her lab. Day five passed just as easily and comfortably as the previous four. Naturally, there were a few interruptions from Monokid, who'd purposely tried to plow Kaede over, so that Shuichi would catch her They investigated a few more places together, to no avail. For a little while, they joined Kaito, Maki, Gonta, and Ryoma for a picnic lunch. The whole day, Shuichi only thought he saw Kokichi once--just a flash of white, running away from a peeved Miu and Kiibo.

Though he smiled and kept up conversation, the distracting thoughts were still eating at his insides. And everything needed to be perfect. As soon as he got a break from the others, Shuichi slipped into the warehouse, packing up the supplies he needed and stealing them back to his room. He was nervous, but at the same time, proud. The cycle would end And he'd decided to end it, no matter what.

Everything was set in place. He'd tested the door trick earlier to make sure it worked. He'd meditated and tried to steel his mind against distractions. He'd set out the paper towel, the chopsticks, the spoon, the drinking glass. The warming plates were running. Composing himself once more, Shuichi drew in a slow, deep, empowering breath. A soft metallic noise suddenly scratched at the inside of Shuichi's ears.

With a heavy thump of his heart, he realized what it must be, and rushed to the door. Of course. Leave it to Kokichi to throw a wrench into his perfect setup.

But it was okay Shuichi swiftly reassured himself Hello, Shuichi. In a blink, he stashed the long metal needle he'd been holding in the bottom of his pants leg. So, that's where he keeps them I thought I'd drop in early and surprise you. But you had to go and ruin it all. Aw, maaaan Rather than feel annoyed or worried at his attempt to foil his plans, he just felt He hadn't thought it possible, but Kokichi looked even worse off than before.

His skin was a ghostly, unreal white. Tiny indentations were starting to form on his cheeks. It was almost terrifying. He stood up on spindly toothpick legs He'd gone another day without sufficient nourishment again You should at least bring your pretty little poison bottles in here.


Kokichi took just one more step towards the center of the room, and He whirled around at the sound, his eyes widening into dark pools Thank God. Shuichi had set a trap on the door As soon as someone stepped past a certain point, the small security sensor attached to the wall would pick them up Now, the only way to release them would be with the remote that Shuichi had hidden away in one of his drawers They had been monstrously heavy, and Shuichi had nearly killed himself lugging them all the way here and lifting them into position And that angry, menacing look on Kokichi's face was both worrisome and immensely satisfying.

Did you really mean to How bold He was now trapped in a room with Kokichi Ouma. Shuichi shrugged, trying to appear unconcerned. But it seems I underestimated you. I didn't think you had it in you. Call it He'd hoped to bait him out I'll destroy you, Saihara. Maybe not tonight, but I swear, I will kill you. Shuichi had to admit, it sort of frightened him.

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But at least now He hadn't brought any weapons with him. That was surprisingly short-sighted of him, Shuichi thought. And short-sighted of me, too. I should have been prepared for him to come prepared.

But, thankfully, they'd both failed in that respect. Shuichi refused to let the uneasiness show on his face, keeping his fists clenched at his sides.

And it seemed Kokichi was already bored with his lack of reaction. Was all that about a secret plan just a lie? It was more like And we'll talk this out.

Shuichi sprang into action. Quick as he could without spilling anything over, he grabbed the ramen bowl from his shelf Expertly, he placed everything on the desk before the disgruntled Kokichi and plopped into a sitting position on the edge of his bed. A tiny smile grazed his lips, while Kokichi just looked incredibly frustrated. So my suspicions were correct.

You are just being a horribly boring waste of my time. Not at all. That's all you have to do.

And then you can leave. He banged opened the desk's drawers, quickly sifting through them. So I'm not letting you waste any more of my time with this shit. I don't know what's so important that you need to get done, but You won't be able to do anything that way. Taking care of your own body isn't a waste of time--it ensures you have enough time to do everything you need.

The only thing that worked on Kokichi was pure logic. You'll be able to do things faster. It only makes sense But neither of them moved. I'll do it. And a little bit of spice. Why did he even know these things?

It was like he just knew from looking at him. Kokichi gave him a quick glance and a nod, almost as if confirming his assumptions. Just tiny bites, as he held the chopsticks to his mouth, taking twice the amount of time anyone else would It was all right. Kokichi was going to be okay. Kokichi was eating, albeit little by little Some food was getting into him. The cycle of starvation was over.

And Shuichi was so glad, he just wished he could hug him. He settled himself back on the bed, trying not to stare too much and make him nervous He pulled a book out from under his bed and started to half-read it, the other half listening intensely to the barely-audible slurps. I made it. That explains it. No, he wasn't going to ask what that meant And whether it was a lie or not, he didn't want to hear it.

The first several bites were agonizingly slow--after all, his stomach had to slowly get used to having food inside it again. But eventually, Kokichi's natural hunger finally kicked in, and he started eating at an almost normal pace.

Elegantly lifting small pieces of chicken and bean sprouts with the chopsticks and popping then into his small mouth The frustrated face he'd worn earlier had melted into something not quite happy but not quite upset either.

Having actual food inside him at last was soothing his body After swallowing a large bite, Kokichi broke the silence again.

You're not gonna try to force information out of me? I don't even need to know the reason you did this to yourself. My only wish, my only objective is Something deep in his heart was telling him He had to protect him, stop whatever madness was coming to him Kokichi paused, biting his lip And I was hoping to get an extra special interrogation session from the Ultimate Detective himself.

I want you to give it to me of your own volition. There's no way I'd ever tell you about that, no matter how you try to butter me up. With solid determination, Shuichi set his book aside, slid himself up to the edge of the bed He needed him to feel the sincerity in his words, force him to face it. The deep purple eyes were still glimmering with mischief, but the more he fixed them in place, the more they seemed to solidify.

I want to know more about you, sure, but it's not only because of some ulterior motive. I don't have any concrete way of proving it, and I know you won't believe me without solid evidence, though.

I'm the same way. I wouldn't believe me either. But it's the truth, and that's all I can say. Four days ago, you were an anxious mess. That sure is a rapid increase in confidence Oh no, friendship alone couldn't have done this. It has to be more I wonder, hmm Shuichi remained at the edge of the bed, absently thumbing through the book's pages, and Kokichi continued to slowly work on the ramen.

Though they probably didn't mean anything, Shuichi couldn't help reflecting on his words. What could he possibly be referring to? If something else had affected his personal development, he'd definitely know about it. Well, whatever. He'd probably just meant to confuse him. Though it was true Someone who definitely wouldn't have had the courage and self-confidence for any of this. Then, at last, Kokichi set the ramen bowl back down on the desk with a gentle clink Shuichi had noticed, of course As soon as the bowl seemed almost empty, he'd pushed himself into action once more.

Quick as a wink, he was at his side again Without batting an eye, he placed it on the desk beside the emptied bowl and slid a tiny plastic cup of caramel fruit dip next to it. This is the side dish. I didn't say you were done. You wanted to force me to eat, and you did. You can't just eat whatever. You need a well-balanced meal.

Not just meat and a bit of veggies. You jealous? I'd be much more inclined to eat some of that if you really wanted to make me eat more. And that's not up for negotiation. It's good for you, you know. Alright, no, I can't do this anymore. Just eat up. He always backs away just when it's getting interesting. Internally, Shuichi breathed a sigh of relief, glad he didn't really have to fight with him to get him to accept it. Maybe the joke roleplay had helped in that respect, though it still made him uncomfortable.

He moved around the bed to retrieve the soda bottle and refill Kokichi's glass, as the smaller boy pinched an apple slice in his slender fingers and brought it delicately to his mouth.

A strange little shiver passed through Shuichi's shoulders and down his sides at the sound of him crunching into the juicy fruit flesh. Why did he Why was he listening so closely?

Why was part of him feeling Of course, his heart was celebrating the fact that Kokichi wasn't going to starve anymore, but I want him to eat, but that's because I want to make sure he's healthy I don't That would be ridiculous. Who thinks watching someone eat is attractive?

And yet, this time There was something He'd never seen him eat before at the dining hall, after all He positioned himself at the edge of the bed again, resting the book in his lap Kokichi was eating slowly and carefully, slipping each small individual fruit piece into him, occasionally with a slight bit of dip on the end. From the tiny smile on his chewing lips, he did seem to be enjoying it to a certain degree. It must taste a little bit better than the ramen bowl, or Or, maybe, right now, he was eating out of actual pleasure, rather than a desperate survival instinct.

Perhaps a little of both. He'd noticed his gaze, of course, and every now and then, he'd glance over at him, flashing a thin little smirk that Once the bowl was about half-empty, Kokichi reached over and took a deep gulp of soda.

Immediately after, he pushed back slightly, and his body convulsed as he stifled a series of quiet belches in one raised fist. Shuichi shivered, so powerfully that he feared it was visible this time.

It was just a few tiny burps. It wasn't disgusting. In fact, it was actually kind of But burping isn't cute!

It was only natural that he would burp after drinking fizzy soda. He had to make a little more room. His tiny, deprived belly didn't have a whole lot of space in it anymore, after all Shuichi felt sparks jolt through his limbs at the thought, the image, the idea Kokichi's tiny belly already full What the heck?!

Why is that?! It's not It's weird! Shuichi had to turn his attention back to the book before he started visibly shaking again. But unfortunately for his efforts, it was about to get even worse. A few moments later, Kokichi's voice cut through the sounds of his own beating heart.

Watch this Through his devious little smirk, Kokichi had a particularly large, plump chunk of strawberry in his mouth With borderline erotic slurping, he gradually sucked in the soft strawberry flesh, heedless of the liquid trailing down from his mouth. And once it was finally gone, he finished by seductively licking his lips, stained pink from the juices.

Shuichi could feel his chest clenching, his fingers buzzing. Was he trying to act sexy? Was this supposed to be sexy? Did he find it sexy? Why the heck would it be sexy?! This was some sort of teasing, but what and why?!

And yet, Shuichi found himself That would be creepy if he was, though He couldn't be.

As his turbulent thoughts started to settle, Shuichi suddenly noticed what he was doing. His arm was raised, his body leaning in And he just let his instinct take over. His fingers gripped the hem of Kokichi's checkered bandanna His eyes were curious, studying every nuance of his movement When Shuichi let it flop back to his chest, it was dyed in streaks of pink over the white squares, but his face was mostly clean, save for a few tiny pink patches near the corners of his mouth.

Kokichi's widened eyes shifted down to look at it Why would you do that, Shuichi?! This was my favorite, favorite bandanna, and now it's completely ruined!! I don't even think Kirumi could get this out! It'll never come out! Fortunately, his logical brain clicked back on at that moment. Ohu din kab aihain? Oh Krishna! When will that day. For more details on. Steiner 7x50 Binoculars Owners Manual Jan 26, ogitinucotymyby.

Identifier ogitinucotymyby.

Nikhilanand bhaiya Prem Ras Madira.Kokichi was being way too stubborn. He was the Ultimate Detective! So, Shuichi, you gotta carry me back to my room. It was just a crazy guess, but he'd have to bet on it. It's kind of unusual, but Rather than feel annoyed or worried at his attempt to foil his plans, he just felt The kebeles in the district were stratified to Woinadega, Kola and Dega agroecology areas.

Everything was Just finish up, or we'll be here all night. Even if it was a false personality, there were times he had a childish cuteness to him, even he had to admit