Apr 1, PDF Books File Eleven Rings (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Phil Jackson Online Full Collection. matter of 11 championship rings. As coaching CVs go, none come more gold- plated than that of Phil Jackson, now President of Basketball. Operations with the . The inside story of one of basketball's most legendary and game-changing figures A New York Times bestseller During his storied career as head coach.

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Phil Jackson says that the principles of leadership he Phil says that the most common type of coaching in. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. Phil Jackson won an unprecedented 11 championship rings as an NBA coach (6 with the Chicago Bulls and 5 with the Los. Eleven Rings A "New York Times "bestseller During his storied career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, Phil Jackson won more.

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No Downloads. Views Total views. They were playing to enjoy the game itself and they were in a competition with themselves only. Dealing With Rebels Phil says Dennis tried to buck the system, sometimes in small and childish ways, like showing up with an untied shoe or hiding some jewelry.

Sometimes Phil would make a joke, giving him a small fine or simply ignore it, and once Dennis realized nobody was interested in his little push backs, he stopped. My Note: this highlight the psychological need of some people to stand up to authority just for the sake of not following orders. Kerr says that after he had stood up to Jordan, Jordan looked at him differently and never picked on him anymore.

And he started trusting him on court more as well. My Note: This highlights again the importance of standing up to bullies see an example here on: how to deal with an alpha male handshake Give Credit for Devotion Phil Jackson quotes Liu Bang on the importance of giving credit to the players. He says he would put players in the position to fully realize their potentials and then give them credits for their achievements.

Then, like the grass grows toward the sun, the players would sprout towards the coach in devotion. Finding Courage: The Winning Team Secret Phil Jackson says that out of such a great season, the most significant match for him was a loss against a weaker team.

Instead of conceding defeat they rallied and caught up. They lost in the end by few points, but realized that no matter how dire the situation, they could find in their heart the courage and the strength to turn the situation around.

That game, he says, the Bulls found their heart. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. He says it was even more so in LA, the city of the glorified self. My Note: this was a strategy later also used by football coach Jose Mourino, albeit the guy after starting with a bang later slipped into anonymity. Kobe Bryant: The First Mindset Phil says that his approach with him was to being as direct as possible and doing so in front of everyone.

He was playing the bad cop and then use one of his coaches to mellow the player later on.

And back then, nobody was with Kobe. Both of them wanted to win at all costs. However, Michael had to win at everything, while Kobe seemed to compete with himself first and foremost. Kobe was possibly more difficult to coach though because his goal was becoming the greatest of all time.

Jackson let it play out until it solved itself. Phil says that trying to repeat a winning formula is a mistake many do.

Instead, the key to a successful run is to keep growing into the unknown and evolving. Phil says he would later understand that Kobe took his laissez faire approach as indifference. And while in the past he had been passive aggressive, now he was openly aggressive.Read here on how to get a growth mindset.

Bryant Sr. The Soul of Success vk, Eleven Rings: He quote Casey Stengen in saying that.

The Cavaliers had just beaten us at home to tie the series, and Michael had had an off night.