The English We Speak: Butter up: Text, pdf or otherwise use audio, video or other material downloaded from BBC Learning English in any. Unit 1 Learning Circles: Watch these videos and learn some English words and . 1MB · Learning Circle 10 Supermarket: Complete set of downloads. Week 1 – Choosing distance learning – Olivier (PDF 96 Kb) Week 8 – Social learning – James (PDF 90 Kb) Week 4 – English for study (PDF Kb).

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And all taught by your favourite BBC Learning English staff! EIAM A secret about collective nouns. Unit 1 / Session 15 / Activity · EIAM Three ways . When you are studying alone, what is the best way to find sources of English to help you learn the language? Of course, you listen to BBC World Service radio. A. Explain to the students that they are going to listen to a talk by Professor David Crystal, an expert on the English language, and that the talk is about the way.


Make and do. No vs not any vs none. Three ways to use pick up. How to use infinitives of purpose.

Three uses of 'the'. Four slang words. Especially vs specially.

Developing new vocabulary-BBC training .pdf - english...

Be going to vs present continuous. Even though vs even if. Been vs gone. Remember to do vs remember doing.

EIAM 2: History and Story. Prevent vs avoid.

What vs which. While vs during. Lay vs lie.

Affect vs effect. Remember vs remind.

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Actually vs at the moment. How to use the future continuous.

Until vs by. EIAM 3: Five ways to use hard. Journey and trip. Expect, wait and hope. Don't mind vs doesn't matter. Everyone vs anyone.

The three uses of can. Still vs already vs yet. Very vs really vs absolutely. Wish vs hope. EIAM 4: Stop doing vs stop to do.

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See more. Inspiring talks by remarkable people, free to the world. LearnEnglish Podcasts - Free English listening. British Council. Boost listening skills with this entertaining podcast about everyday life. English Story with audios - Audio Book.

Listen AudioBooks. Listen AudioBooks Player Free from a wide selection many genres. BBC Media Player.

BBC Mundo. BBC Mundo, more than the news in Spanish. The Turning Forest. A fairytale for your ears and eyes set in a magical forest. Wear headphones.

BBC Arabic. Get the latest news from BBC Arabic and global network of our journalists. Civilisations AR.Audio 2.

This website shows you the syllables in any word you look up, and even shows you how to pronounce it. And to round each unit off, we take a key word from the news and show you how to say it properly in Pronunciation in the News in Session 5.

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Towards Advanced This is a course for learners of English who are studying at a relatively high level. Then watch or listen again using the built-in transcripts and subtitles.